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African Lily PineappleAs soon as the governor of Mozambique received the letter from Pombal, prime minister of Portugal, containing orders to banish all the Jesuits who lived in those regions, the governor wasted no time.  Two Jesuits were immediately arrested and put in prison. For two months they remained under severe surveillance, after which time they were deported to Goa, where the Jesuits working there would soon suffer the same kind of hardships.

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AnacardiumThe governor of Mozambique feared that the African employees of the Jesuits would react violently and would oppose the arrest and expulsion of the men. To avert any untoward occurrences, the governor took all the necessary precautions and chose shrewd men to execute a plan for the arrest of the Jesuits.  However all the six Jesuits were arrested without any difficulty.  In all eight Jesuits were deported to Goa in August 1760.

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