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What is a General Congregation?

In the 476 years since its founding, the Society of Jesus has convened only 35 general congregations. The 36th General Congregation will convene in Rome on October 2, 2016. A general congregation is always summoned on ... >>> More

Chest of Relics

All along its history, the Society of Jesus has given the Church many Saints and Blessed, among whom not a few were martyrs. Since the ‘Chiesa del Gesu' is the Mother Church of the Jesuit Order, an important num... >>> More

Prayer for GC36

God our Father, almighty and merciful,

You sent Your Son Jesus, Your living Word,

to save the human race by His life, death, and resurrection,

and You send Your Holy Spirit to inspire and accompany

Your pilgrim Church on earth.

With confidence, we pray for the Society that bears the name of Jesus:

Grant the 36th General Congregation openness to hear your Spirit

so that we may live for the greater glory of your name,

faithful to our history and the example of the saints

who have gone before us.

Give us the spirit to serve beneath the banner of the Cross on behalf of Your Church,

a profound love for the world You have created and entrusted to Your people,

the grace to see with Your eyes

the beauty and suffering of our sisters and brothers,

hearts that beat in union with Your heart,

loving You and serving You in all things.

We ask all this through Jesus, the Savior who sets us free.


Mary, Mother of the Society of Jesus, intercede for us.

All you Saints of the Society, pray for us.


Today in History

1 October

1546/ Isabel Roser was released by St. Ignatius from her Jesuit vows after eight months.

1948/ The death in Portugal of Servant of God Francis Rodrigues da Cruz, famed as a confessor of the poor.

Blessing of the Aula

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